Lease2OwnAmerica Transacts Their 100th Property!

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Lease2OwnAmerica, a pioneering real estate organization based in Oklahoma City, announced today its 100th Home transaction.

 Incorporated in 2018, the company has leveraged its $15,000,000 acquisition line of credit to conduct real estate in wholesale, resale and lease-to-own channels. Today, L2OA has more than $9 million in assets in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky.

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Marcella Martinez Leas2OwnAmerica Dedicated Lease Specialist

Marcella Martinez Leas2OwnAmerica Dedicated Lease Specialist

The Lease2ownAmerica is proud to announce our very own Marcella Martinez has helped guide three new families into home ownership this week! With Marcella’s passion, skills and dedicated work ethic, our team is confident thousands of additional families will realize their ‘American Dream’ — home ownership!


Stop Renting, Start Owning!

Six Super Simple Steps to becoming a Home Owner! 

Brought to you exclusively by Lease2OwnAmerica!

At Lease2OwnAmerica, we have a solution addressing the growing problem of being denied application and approval of home ownership at traditional banks. 

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In fact, we have placed many different families in great homes throughout the Mid-West through our innovative, highly successful and proven lease-to-own program. To-Be Homeowners in our program include documented and undocumented immigrants, good people with credit challenges, and many with multiple short stint work histories. 

Starting with a simple 10 second credit application, we review each prospective home owner as a candidate for home ownership and look to sign a leasing arrangement with pre-determined payment plans personally customized for each individualized applicant. 

Then, the To-Be Homeowner has a number of months to reach a 20% Lease Option position toward the original purchase price of their own home. 


  • The purchase price never increases! 

  • The purchase price is comparable to comps in same neighborhood, often less than market value!  

  •  The monthly Lease Payment never increases! 

  • There are no interest rates associated with your Lease Option Payments!

  • Generally, prospective home owners can ‘fix up’ property while on their path to home ownership!

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